Fresh wind against family frustration

How you can fight thick air at home

The weather is stupid, the possibilities for leisure activities are limited and nobody has new ideas. This can lead to quite a lot of air in the family. When everyone hangs out together at home, it quickly leads to fights over the remote control and arguments over the dishes. That's why we'd like to give you a few suggestions to help you reduce the frustration at home.

Fresh wind against family frustration

1. Clear responsibilities and structures

Determines who is responsible for the garbage, who is responsible for the dishes and who is responsible for the laundry. This may sound like the times of shared flats, but it saves a lot of argument. The Responsibilities can be changed on a weekly basis, so nobody feels disadvantaged. The tasks are best adapted to the family members, so your kindergarten child might not yet be able to do the laundry, but sorting clothes by colour works out fine (Tasks adapted to the family members). Structures are at least as important. They help you to bring the different Daily rhythms and plans under one roof. Plan a fixed time for yourself, you also need a few minutes to get down. If you can plan it regularly, 15 minutes can be enough.

2. Get out

Little helps as well against thick air as exercise. Grab your loved ones and let's go. By the way, it's fun even in bad weather (inclement weather). Armed with slush trousers and rubber boots, nothing stands in the way of your romp. Whether you go for a bike ride, a walk or a jogging tour, it makes no difference. Everyone can follow their own pace and maybe have a moment to themselves. The Movement lets out excess energy that could otherwise be discharged in conflicts. With several children you can also have great races or other little games (small games). Depending on the situation, the arrangements for Contacts outside are more relaxed. That means you can meet your friends outside, whether in the playground or in the forest. Tea in a thermos and thick sweaters will help you through the cold season. A positive side effect is that exercise and fresh air make you really tired. That's where the long discussions about going to bed in the evening come to an end.

3. Speeches

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Talk, talk, talk. But often it helps to know why your loved ones are irritable right now. Maybe it's because they're not doing well with their schoolwork or at work, but it could also be because they're having a fight with their best friend. If you talk openly about what is bothering you, it will lead to more Consideration. No one can guess what's bothering you and therefore no one can be considerate of it unless you tell them what's bothering you. If you feel that the mountain of problems at home is too high, seek help. At the counselling centres you can anonymously describe your problems, in return there are valuable tips from outsiders who have a fresh view of the situation. (Information centres).

The current situation is not easy for anyone. It requires a lot of strength. It's normal to feel overwhelmed. Do not let yourself be pressured from the outside, you know best what works and what doesn't work at home. And if your children hang in front of the television instead of playing with pedagogically valuable wooden toys, that's fine too. You also need a Break.


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