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With children, challenges are part of your life. Of course you ask yourself every day how well you deal with them. It is perfectly normal to have unsafe moments and to turn to other people.

Du bezahlst nichts und musst uns auch nicht deinen Namen nennen. Wir sind da, um dir direkt zu helfen. Weißt du im Moment nicht weiter oder hast du eine Frage, die du nicht aufschieben kannst? Dann ruf uns gleich an. Möchtest du deine Frage gern in Ruhe aufschreiben? Sende uns eine E-Mail. Wir antworten dir spätestens am nächsten Tag.

You always have a choice.

About us

Help makes us stronger.

At the beginning of the year we were all surprised by the Corona pandemic. For parents, this means no daycare, no school. Instead childcare and learning support at home. With the parents' hotline, we want to help you with your challenges. We know that life is full of surprises and that together you are always stronger.

No matter what, we're here.

We want to be there for you whenever you are surprised by a situation. If you get lost along the way. You can call or write to us - or find the right answer in one of our articles. Depending on how you feel. Because in the end you decide which branch is the right one for you.