Our goal: equal opportunities

We want all children to develop their potential and become an effective part of our society. With heart, mind and expertise we strengthen their most important pioneers: their parents. As a non-profit organization, we have been providing parents with helpful information and an open ear since the beginning of the Corona crisis. Multilingual, confidential and of course free of charge.

Our mission: to reduce the risk of disadvantage

Parents balance a lot on their shoulders: They are not only responsible for their own lives, but also for those of their children. But parents are also just people with different strengths and weaknesses. It becomes particularly challenging when they are disadvantaged by their circumstances. If there is no balance, their children's chances of participation can deteriorate.

We offer compensation. In at least 14 languages we provide unhindered access to helpful information for everyday life and crisis. Together we formulate individual problem solutions. The goal is: fair opportunities for all. We support confidentially and free of charge so that all parents can overcome hurdles on their own and look into a fair future with their children.

These values guide us:

  • Fairness

    There is no reason why all people do not deserve the same opportunities in life. But there are many reasons why they don't get them. We want to reduce this disadvantage.

  • Inclusivity

    Every person is unique. Our range of information is correspondingly diverse, and we offer it in at least 14 languages for parents with different personal requirements.

  • Empathy

    The burden on parents is often underestimated. We understand the daily challenges of parents and take possible consequences seriously. Only in this way can beneficial solutions be found.

  • Innovation

    Sometimes it takes new ways to solve old problems. We not only point them out, but also use the latest digital possibilities to support parents and children flexibly at all times.

  • Clarity

    Parents have more important things to do than spend a long time searching the Internet for answers. We provide bundled information for parents and find simple words for difficult situations.

Our history: towards the future through the crisis

Parents are not sufficiently supported in their multiple burden, their key role is underestimated. This was made abundantly clear by the corona crisis that began in early 2020. The FiBS ElternHotline gGmbH was founded as a "Social-Edu-Tech-Start-up" in March 2020 to counteract the consequences of short and long-term disadvantages for parents and children. We regard this project as a permanent mission.

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  4. Personal assistance possible through contact persons

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Our team: strong together

    Dr.  Dieter Dohmen Founder, Managing Director

    The father of one son, educational scientist and director of the FiBS Research Institute for Educational and Social Economics, wants to strengthen parents and children for a good future in the long term

    Reconciling family, career and learning support is a real challenge even in non-corona times.

    Dieter Dohmen
    Dieter Dohmen

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