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Your donation helps us to help parents and children quickly and unbureaucratically. Your donation is an important contribution so that we can support parents quickly and unbureaucratically at any time with questions or in emergency situations: free of charge - competent - multilingual - confidential. You can deduct your donation from your taxable income. For amounts up to 200 Euros, the transfer voucher or bank statement is sufficient. If the amount is higher, we will gladly send you a donation receipt.

We appreciate the support of the SAP Solidarity Fund!

Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we have received an increasing number of inquiries from Ukrainian parents who have fled - so far, about 360,000 children have arrived in Germany. Our volunteer advisors are responsible for answering the inquiries that reach us by e-mail and telephone. The SAP Solidarity Fund supports the Parents' Hotline with a donation, which is paid to our consultants in the form of honorary and exercise leader allowances. More information on the grant can be found here.

Donation - unbureaucratic by direct bank transfer

They can copy the account details and donate directly through their bank account.

Receiver: FiBS ElternHotline gGmbH, IBAN DE27 1009 0000 2818 4390 19, Berliner Volksbank

Please enter your address on the transfer, then we will automatically send you the donation receipt, if your donation exceeds 200 euros. For smaller amounts, the transfer voucher is sufficient.

Donation receipt

Donations are tax-deductible. You can donate up to 20% of your income and deduct it as special expenses. This means that you get a part of the donation refunded via your income tax. How much of a refund or tax reduction depends on your income. On average it is about one third of the donation. In addition, we name all donors on our website, if you wish.

What happens with your donation

Your donation to FiBS ElternHotline gGmbH enables us to expand our team and to support parents regularly with articles and link lists on current topics as well as to maintain our direct support. Parents can contact us directly by phone or email. With your donation you make it possible that we can continue to offer these services free of charge.


If you would like to donate larger amounts, you can become a partner or premium partner and we will mention you or your company on the homepage. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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