Not lonely despite Corona

How young and old maintain social contacts even in lockdown

Loneliness can make you sick. Especially singles and elderly people are affected in the lockdown. But also in families it can become a problem that children are hardly allowed to invite playmates home or parents have to put their hobbies on hold. What can parents do to avoid feelings of loneliness?

Not lonely despite Corona

Hello Tag, you are so beautiful ... structured!

It is important, whether in your home office or at home schooling, that you maintain a fixed daily rhythm:

Because a fixed daily schedule provides support and structures your day, even if you are sitting at home alone while your child is at the daycare centre.

Exercise in the fresh air for colourful bouquets of leaves

It is also important, especially now, when the days are getting shorter, that you go out the door anyway. Because half an hour of walking and catching a few rays of sunshine brightens up the mood of your children and you and gives you a fresh air kick to get back to work afterwards. It is best if a bit of sport is integrated as well. So you can take skipping ropes with you or compete to see who has collected ten different coloured leaves first.

Maintaining contact with friends and family remains the be-all and end-all

But the friends are not allowed to come over and Larissa's ballet classes do not take place anymore - difficult, because then there is a lot of complaining. Make fixed, weekly times when you make video calls to play games or make tutus, for example. I'm sure your kids have lots of ideas that can be shared with other kids indoors and on the screen.

And the grandparents are also allowed to get to know and use new technology, such as video calls. And they will certainly be happy to see their grandchildren much more easily and perhaps even more often. Reading or telling stories together is an additional bonding experience, even if you are physically absent.

And it is not forbidden to meet the same close friends regularly, after all. The circle of people you meet should only remain small and not change constantly. This also ensures that, in the event of an infection, it is clear who has infected whom.

Couples and friends withdraw? There are alternatives!

However, some make the experience that friends withdraw more and more. According to a British study by Bank Santander, in which 2000 adults were questioned about the situation in the lockdown, one in four say that they feel as if they don't have any real friends. And in Japan, for example, there are already small robots that are supposed to help against loneliness. But for you, a Hotline where you can talk to someone, even if you don't know the person personally, can help.


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