Job loss, job search and fear of the future

What you can do to get back on track

The current economic situation is difficult for parents and children due to the pandemic: adults fear for their professional existence and young people are worried about their schooling and professional training. And in general: what comes after Corona? In times like these, it is important to look to the future with confidence and plan ahead, even if some situations seem hopeless.

Job loss, job search and fear of the future

Parenthood and work

Yeah, parenting was challenging even before Corona. You want to function for your family, earn the money and otherwise simply be a good mother or father for your children. But what if you lose your job and start to doubt yourself? "Somehow it will go on" is a good approach, but oftentimes it's not enough on its own. Questions that are currently on the minds of many parents can be: "Will we keep our job?", "Will the money be enough to support the whole family?" or "What can we do now? We at the parents' hotline have put together some initial helpful advice:

What young people can do now

There is also great uncertainty among young people, with talk of an alleged "Corona generation" making the rounds. Even if perhaps one or the other big plan bursts, like the trip abroad, the future for most teenagers is still relatively good. Those who have the Abitur can go to university in any case and also with the apprenticeship place it looks relatively good. Nevertheless, there is certainly a lot of room for uncertainty: "Will the company I want to do an apprenticeship with still exist next year?", "Will I find a job with my apprenticeship?", "Is it still worth my while to make an effort at school? These questions do not pass young people by without leaving their mark. It is especially important that parents support their children and take their concerns seriously. The following options for action can help:

Using the crisis as an opportunity

Difficult times may be scary on the one hand. But they also evoke special forces in us, as we are forced to deviate from old patterns. We have often heard it said that every crisis holds a chance, and yes, there is a lot to be said for that. Above all, you have to believe in it - because, as the saying goes: Faith moves mountains!

Author: Arian Graser


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