Corona - and then what?

How you can support your teenager with fear of the future

Will the company where I want to do my apprenticeship still exist next year? Can I find a job in the current economic situation? Will school still be worthwhile when I might be sitting at home again soon anyway? Such questions are currently moving many young people. And not without good reason. There hasn't been so much uncertainty as there is now in a long time.

Corona - and then what?
  1. Fear of not finding an apprenticeship

  1. Job-hunting fear

  1. School frustration

There are often contact persons at the employment agency who are responsible for schools. Many schools also have teachers who are particularly involved in finding a profession. Your teenager can always talk to them. Fear is not a good counsellor, so you should try not to bury your head in the sand because of all the worries. Instead, it helps to know all the options and to know what is possible in case of an emergency. Of course, you can still hope that everything will go according to plan, but a plan B provides security and makes things easier if things do not go as well as hoped.


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