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16.06.2020 — 22. Edition

Newsletter about the Coronavirus


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Dear Readers,

this newsletter is a multilingual offer, informing you about offers and changes at authority offices, institutions and social service providers during the measures to contain the corona virus. The potential target groups are clients* of the authorities and social service providers in Spandau and Berlin, who have difficulties reading, writing or speaking German. The newsletter does not claim to be complete as the information situation changes on a daily basis.
The GIZ gGmbH team hopes you enjoy reading!
The hotline for suspected coronavirus infection is
030 9028-2828
Hotlines for Spandau:
90279 – 4012, 90279 – 4014, 90279 – 4026

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News from the Federal Government

The Corona Warning App starts on Tuesday, 16th

The Federal Government's Corona Warning App could be available for download on Monday evening, June 15th . The Corona App directs its data protection according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. It is important for the success of the app that it is used by as many people as possible. The use of the app is voluntary. The app is intended to show the user if there has been a contact with a person infected with the Corona Virus. You can download the app from June 16th in the Google and Apple App stores.


Further information can be found here:

The Federal Foreign Office partially ends travel warnings

The Foreign Ministry has lifted travel warnings for EU countries as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Travel warnings for all states other than those mentioned remain valid until August 31st.

Some countries have blocked entry or special controls for certain groups of people or flights from certain regions. This also partially affects travelers from Germany. Travelers should therefore inform themselves at the embassy or consulate of their travel country in Germany before starting their trip.

Even if the travel warning for some European countries was lifted on June 15th, travelers should inform themselves before starting their trip. Because there may still be restrictions. For example, in the United Kingdom traveler have to stay in quarantine when entering the country from June 15th and Spain has announced that it will not allow tourist entries until the end of June. Travelers should therefore strictly observe the travel and safety instructions.

Further information can be found here:

News from the Senate Chancellery

Corona scale still shows green lights

Based on the data values from June 14th 2020, the indicators of the Berlin Corona scale are still "green".

  • Reproduction number "R": value 1.11 → green

  • Incidence of new infections per week: value 4.9 → green

  • Proportion of places in intensive care units required for COVID-19 patients: Value 3.3% → green

Further information can be found here:


News from the Spandau District

Five Corona infections at schools in Spandau, further suspected cases

There have been five cases of Corona Virus infection at the Christoph Földerich primary school in Spandau. The primary school should not be closed completely. A contact person was quarantined, 50 children and 9 teachers were quarantined from school. According to the statements of the families of the 5 cases of infections in Spandau and other cases of infections in other districts that are related to these, the medical officers assume an outbreak in the context of a church service.


Further information can be found here:

Useful Information

At there are new learning opportunities every day and news and links prepared for young people and children. Learning materials and learning opportunities can be found on the website sorted by subject and class.


Studies confirm protective effect of masks

A study on the simple mouth-nose masks suggests that they have a protective effect against the spread of the Corona Virus. The result of the study confirms that everyday masks inhibit the air flow when speaking and therefore reduce the transmission of infectious particles. In addition, in cities and local districts n which wearing a mask has been introduced, the spread of Covid-19 has slowed down. The protective function of the mouth-nose masks is also proven by a study from the Universities of Texas and California, according to which wearing a mouth-nose masks is said to have prevented more than 78,000 infections.

Further information can be found here: