Stories against everyday stress

Three people make the best of this situation

I'm sure there are many reasons to be nervous right now. Is the school staying open? Can my child go to daycare? Can I continue to meet the requirements at work? It's rare that you leave the house stress-free. That's why we were looking for some nice stories from everyday parental life. That encourages and maybe gives you a good idea yourself.

Stories against everyday stress

The changeovers are exhausting at the moment, but if something changes, then not everything will just get worse. We hope the following examples will help you find a solution to some of your everyday problems.

"My child is now always at the front of the zoo with the animals"

"Since the restrictions, I walk out every day with my 2-year-old son. Mostly we walk and look at trees. We also like going to the zoo because there is so much to see for my son. Before the restrictions it was always very hectic. He wants to get close to the bars and see the animals up close."

"But there are always a lot of other people standing there, much taller than him. I had to be careful as hell not to lose sight of him in the crowd

"Because not so many visitors are allowed on the site at the same time any more, we now buy a ticket for our time slot on the Internet and he can always see everything up close. Meanwhile, I can stand there and relax."

Susanne, 35, teacher from Bonn

"Swimming is my recreation"

"My children are already teenagers and some of them get along with technology much better than I do. They are now back at school during the day and do their homework at noon. In the evening at the latest I always have to check with them to see if they have done everything. I still get lots of e-mails from the teachers, too."

"For me, the many home offices are often still unfamiliar and I lack the contact to my colleagues and the team. To get out, I go swimming my 1000 meters at least twice a week. Before that it was sometimes really complicated. Do I go before or after work today? When is the least busy?"

"Especially in winter in the indoor swimming pool, I used to have to make sure that I had enough room on the swimming lane. That's pure luxury now. I book my ticket in advance and have my fixed swimming dates for the week. Because there is no crowd, I can go directly into the water and carry out my program without any problems. Swimming is my recreation, after that I always feel like I've changed."

Martina, 43, clerk from Heilbronn

"The marble rolls"

"I work up at night in a residential group as a caregiver and my girlfriend is in the home office during the day. Most of the time I am responsible for the little one from noon on. It's a shame we can't spend more time with other families."

"But it also means I have less pressure to date or organize something to amuse my son. So I've used the things that are in our apartment."

"My son and I spent a few afternoons working on a marble run. He got a box of marbles from his uncle and we wanted to finally let them roll. Because we had fewer obligations, the two of us were able to immerse ourselves in this project. It was really fun. Even if sometimes the apartment does clickety-clack."

André, early 30s, social worker from Munich

Conclusion: Special situations give you special moments. Sure, nothing is perfect right now, but there are some things we can do a little better with a good idea.

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