Be a small, agile frog or a big stomping elephant!

A movement idea for children - also suitable for small living spaces

Children also need exercise in between. This can help them to concentrate better. How about a small 5-minute sports session between home schooling and table setting? You don't need a lot of space for this, it's fun and keeps your child's mind clear in a flash and stimulates their imagination.

Be a small, agile frog or a big stomping elephant!

You need this:

That's the way to do it:

This game is already suitable for younger children. As an adult you can do the exercises together with your child. The youngest children learn about movements and the older ones just move around.

You and/or your child will choose an animal. Once you pick one out, you could yell, ",3 and cat!" The person who has chosen the animal does the movements and everyone involved imitates the movements. The whole thing continues until one calls "stop" and a new animal is chosen.

What else is important:

Please make sure to put some furniture aside so that you can spread your arms once without touching any furniture. You should also keep away from table edges and sharp corners so that you do not hurt yourself.

We're sure your family will come up with lots more fun animal movements. For an increase in the movement game, the appropriate animal sounds could also be imitated. If your child does not know an animal, you could look on the Internet and think together about which animal movements might fit.


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