Feeling good in the "organism" family

When fathers are not just "breadwinners"

In the "organism" family, everyone is once again very much in demand. Because it is autumn and the children are back in school or daycare. Every cold brings with it the worry: Today again kindergarten in the living room? Or school at home? As a father you take responsibility here.

Feeling good in the "organism" family

As recently as June, the Minister of Family Affairs, Franziska Giffey, said that the "whole system" of the family needs good kite-supervision. What is without? Does that mean that the father works "normally" and the mother takes care of the household and the children?

If the day structure depends on whether the children are allowed to go to the daycare centre, then it is going to be quite stressful for parents (Daily structure). We are in a special situation. In many federal states, children with a cold should better stay at home for 1-2 days. (better 1-2 days at home).

It is therefore very important, especially now, that fathers can continue to be relied upon.

The hours with the children are reduced at work

Everyone knows the idea of the "breadwinner model": the father goes to work and brings the money home. The mother is a "housewife" and takes care of the children. If a woman also wants to go to work, she even ends up working two jobs: Many working mothers report that they expect the so-called "second shift" after work at home. (second coat).

This is supposed to be over. In the ElternHotline-Magazin Jan-Marco reported weeks ago that he wants to change something permanently as a father. A current study also shows that fathers want to accept their role in the family Organism (points to). Almost every second one already says that he takes over half of all household tasks.

According to the study, employers are equally concerned that parents do not fall back on the outdated breadwinner model. They support fathers in reducing hours in order to spend more time with their children.

All tasks are divided fairly between mother and father

The book author Patricia Cammarata has been blogging for a long time about equality between parents (blogs). In her current book, she explains the term "mental load": all those unfinished tasks that are stubbornly stuck in the back of your mind and which you will have to do at some point. Most of the time, she says, mothers carry this load around with them.

These are all tasks, but they can be divided up quite well. Many fathers like to tell stories, cook good food themselves or attach importance to a clean kitchen. They do this on a small scale and the big organism benefits from this.

Just being "breadwinner" is too lame

Family also means that very different people live together. The organism cannot survive if one of its members at most "helps out" or "relieves" - but actually does not feel responsible. If everyone gets involved, gives it life, makes an effort, then it grows and flourishes.

Of course, many fathers are also under pressure to be able to show themselves as "breadwinners" in public. But isn't it much cooler to be a molecule in the "family organism" - instead of always being a "foreign body"?

Conclusion: Do not let yourself be told how to live, but listen to what is important to you. It is beautiful and exciting to be part of something big. As a father, you help to make the children feel at home and to create a community.

Soon you will hear more from Patricia Cammarata. She talks to us about the "organism family" and gives tips on how you as a father can be an even stronger part of it.


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