Lockdown! Shut down the second one: Daycare and school will be closed at the latest on Wednesday

How parents can prepare for the upcoming closures of day-care centres and schools

All of a sudden everything happened very fast. On Thursday there was no sign of such rapid changes, but now things are probably moving very quickly: day-care centres and schools are likely to be closed from Wednesday at the latest - that's what it looks like on Saturday afternoon.

Lockdown! Shut down the second one: Daycare and school will be closed at the latest on Wednesday

A look into the crystal ball - what will Chancellor and Prime Minister decide on Sunday?

I'm writing this article on Saturday afternoon and since yesterday morning new information is constantly trickling in about what is planned in which country. Or rather: is currently changing. Until noon there was only in Saxony the clear decision to close day-care centers and schools from Monday, as well as most shops.

Instead, other countries started planning how to continue after the Christmas holidays, i.e. from the beginning of January. In principle, this is understandable, even if nobody knows how the infection figures will develop over the next two weeks. So don't be surprised if new regulations apply again shortly before New Year's Eve.

And then everything happened very quickly - in the course of the afternoon more news leaked through. Now it says:

Be Prepared: Kitas and schools should be completely closed by the middle of this week at the latest

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner anyway. In most countries - as of Saturday noon - the coming Friday is the last day of school (exception: Baden-Württemberg). If one follows the current statements of leading politicians, then a comprehensive lockdown is imminent. Most shops as well as schools - and perhaps also the daycare centres - are likely to be closed at short notice. It is only a guess, but the lockdown could come as early as Wednesday, if not Tuesday. This is indicated by current reports, e.g. at Spiegel online. (Mirrors online).

Speak to the employer at an early stage

Whatever the concrete decision that will be made on Sunday, you would do well to talk to your boss on Monday if possible. Most of them will follow the news anyway and know what was decided. Talk to them directly and name your problem as concretely as possible.

It is best if you develop a concrete proposal with your partner beforehand. If possible, divide up the tasks: one of you stays at home on Wednesday, the other on Thursday. Or take turns in the morning and afternoon.

One more tip: talk to your colleagues right away. Some of them will have the same problems as you. The better and earlier you coordinate and make sure that the operation is secured as far as possible, the better. In this way you show that you have the welfare of the company in mind as much as your personal situation. For many superiors this is a good sign. (This is a good sign for many supervisors).

Extended Christmas vacation?

What happens after Christmas? In some countries the Christmas holidays actually end on 4.1.2021, in others this is only a week later (the official holiday periods can be found here). Also the closing times in the day-care centres usually end then.

At present, however, there are discussions about extending the school holidays in principle until 10.1.2021. However, some countries, e.g. Berlin, do not want to extend the holidays, but rather abolish the compulsory attendance. This means that the children do not have to go to school, but should learn at home. The teachers should provide them with teaching materials.

Here too, Corona-was-darf-ich.de will help you as much as possible (Corona-what-darf-ich.com). The websites of the ministry of culture in your country should also inform you about this

Is there emergency care?

As in the spring, emergency care in day-care centres and primary schools should be available in many cases. You should discuss whether this applies in your children's day-care centre or school with the management of the day-care centre or with the school management or the class teachers.

If there are country regulations, we will publish them on CWDI. In most cases, however, these are regulations issued by the school authorities.

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