Oh you hedgehogs

How to celebrate a harmonious festival despite the current restrictions

The holidays can be stressful. And this year we're adding Corona, an added stress factor. But don't worry, there are a few things you can plan and arrangements you can make to avoid disputes and spend Christmas in harmony. So that the best time of the year deserves to be called Corona despite the Corona pandemic!

Oh you hedgehogs

Vote in the family

Contact restrictions are relaxed in most federal states over the holidays. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the coronavirus also takes Christmas holidays. Especially if you usually celebrate in a big circle and go to visit grandma and grandpa, you might need a different plan this year. Ask especially older or endangered relatives what they feel comfortable with. If possible, you can offer to isolate yourself for 2 weeks before the holidays. Otherwise, you can also arrange for the family to celebrate in smaller groups and talk to each other on video. This way nobody is alone and the risk is much lower. It is important that everyone feels comfortable and can express their concerns. Communication is important!

Christmas preparations

Even without Corona, 23 December is already a day that promises stressful shopping experiences and preparation procedures. This year there could be long queues and it is not always certain whether the shop is Corona-compliant. Plan this year in good time and don't get everything done at the last minute. Some foods last a long time and if you get your gifts early, you can relax much more during the holidays themselves. If you need something just before the holidays, it's best to start early in the morning. This can save you a lot of nerves and risk. It is still unclear whether restaurants can open. Many of them offer a Christmas menu at home, inform yourself in time about the different possibilities and if necessary order in advance.

The journey to your loved ones

The railway is currently not working to capacity, but that can change very quickly before Christmas, even though Deutsche Bahn has announced that it will be using more trains for Christmas traffic. Book your tickets in time - and they are also cheaper if you book earlier. A seat reservation makes sense in any case, it can reduce stress. If possible, don't wait until 23rd December, but rather to avoid the rush. If you want to feel safer, you can get FFP2 masks for the ride. This will not only protect others but also yourself.

Christmas at a distance

If you cannot meet in person at Christmas for various reasons, there are many ways you can still be close to each other. Why not write a few Christmas cards to everyone you haven't seen this year or can't see this Christmas. This is a nice gesture to show that you are thinking about each other. In addition, the digital world of today offers the possibility to be very close via video on the distance. You can, for example, make an appointment with your grandparents via Facetime, Skype or similar and sing the Christmas carols together. The exchange encourages in any case if you can't get together this Christmas

Plan early

If you start thinking about it now and communicate with your family, your Christmas will be less stressful. With a little planning, this year can be nice, maybe a little different than usual, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be worse.

Editors: Charlotte Firzlaff & Arian Graser


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