Parents need support

Why too little is still happening in politics

No one knows if it will be all right this winter. Even now, many children are not allowed to go to the day care centre when they have their first cold. There are positive cases at schools. Despite all the promises from the politicians, we remember the spring, when parents were left pretty much alone. What has actually been done since then? What can you prepare for?

Parents need support

It seems as if parents have to take a back seat in all government decisions. Family Affairs Minister Giffey is still not part of the Corona Cabinet (Corona Cabinets). So right where the most burning issues of the week are always decided and discussed.

When the ministries of finance, health or defence meet there, they also decide what will be done in the near future. They then decide what is important.

Families are an organism where everything is connected

The situation in the home office, constant worry and existential fears for parents are transferred to the children. For them, it means that they must not be allowed to become ill under any circumstances (sick). Because then maybe everything at home will collapse. Family is an "organism", as we say here on the parents' hotline. Everything is connected.

According to a Study, this is also becoming increasingly clear to companies in Germany. Employers are taking into account the fact that parents need more time for childcare at the moment. It doesn't help them either when their employees come to work with so many unfinished tasks in the back of their minds.

Parents can hope for a digital revolution

Politicians are using technical tricks to ease the burden. In June, Mrs (told) (Bureaucracy). Giffey said that families will soon be able to deal more easily with all the red tape they have to deal with even before birth. By 2022 at the latest, applications - like the one for child benefit - should then be able to be filled out quickly on the Internet.

But: the pandemic has also brought other problems. Schools should have had good Internet access and online homework for a long time. But just now this hasn't worked out in some places. Of the 5 billion for the digital revolution, only 15 million euros have reached children. (arrived).

A Kita Council represents the needs of the parents

The husband of one of the daycare centre managers has already told us here on the parents' hotline that the situation is particularly difficult for the staff there (reported). When educators get sick, it affects the children. They are then looked after in larger groups by fewer people. (supervised).

For such problems there is now the day care council (Childcare Council). A real mixture of experts sits together there:

Certainly the decisions of this group are a help in ensuring that parents are taken more into account in political decisions. However, it remains important that the federal states also adhere to them.

What would help parents now

The new Health Report of the Techniker Krankenkasse already shows how important this is. This year, more people have been absent from work due to mental illness than ever before.

Scientists are therefore calling for political measures to help parents immediately: (demand).

Such strong political backing is still lacking. So it's understandable if you often feel left alone.

Strong parents make children strong

So you can still have the confidence to say that Childcare is work. Just when you're raising your child alone, child care is two jobs. In the economy, there are whole professions for the things you have to do on the side:

Conclusion: It is still important that politics strengthens parents. Measures are needed to make the situation noticeably easier. When parents are under too much pressure, this affects children in particular.

If you are interested in the topic and you want to know what we mean by "organism" family, then feel free to drop by here in our magazine.


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