Bureaucracy and Corona

What's important to you now!

The Corona pandemic has changed things. Those who previously had a full-time or part-time job may now be on Short-time work, have to use up holidays or are directly threatened by Unemployment. So that you can get help during these times, even if you don't speak German, we have compiled the most important terms in our Glossary in 14 languages.

Bureaucracy and Corona

We have collected everything that can become important for you now in the Corona period and also in other phases of life (e.g. School) and explain to you in several languages what the various terms mean.

Home office and home schooling became everyday life for many

Before the Corona pandemic, the home office was still a wishful thinking for many employees. Now this kind of work is already part of everyday life for most of them. But for many of them, in addition to housework and professional work at home, childcare and home schooling were also added to the job, because the children were also at home due to the closure of daycare and school.

My child-sick days are already used up - and now?

Now that day-care centres and schools have reopened in most federal states, children can again be looked after there. But what happens when the children are ill, such as a cold in autumn? Will the employer continue to pay my salary if the days of child sickness have already been used up, or will I have to take unpaid leave?

What happens if I become unemployed?

We also explain what happens if you have to receive Unemployment benefit I or II because one of your parents has become unemployed. Because then there is often a claim to Family benefits, such as housing benefit. It is then important that you know what a community of needs is and whether you are then entitled to support through the Education and participation package and the Exemption from broadcasting contributions.

What options do I have if I am worried about my apartment?

No one needs to be afraid of losing the apartment. There are, for example, deposit loans and in Berlin the protected market segment. It is also possible that you are entitled to a residential entitlement certificate.

All these terms are explained in our Glossary ! We hope we can bring you a little more clarity and peace in your everyday life!

Our glossary will be continuously expanded for you with new terms.


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