Tying shoes is easy

5 steps to your shoe-tying exercise template

With only 5 things your child can easily make its own template for tying shoes. And in doing so, he will learn something for life. Isn't it great? Then to the shoes, ready, go!

Tying shoes is easy

You need this:

That's the way to do it:

  1. Put a child's shoe on the cardboard and outline it with a pencil Cut the shoe out of the cardboard For the holes through which the laces are threaded, you can use scissors or a hole punch (see our example picture) This task is done by an adult, as there is a risk of injury for children! Now the shoe can be painted as you like In the last step the thread is pulled through the holes (see example picture)

Now nothing stands in the way of tying the shoe. A short "mnemonic" makes practicing even more fun: "The mouse builds a house, goes around the house and comes out the front.

What else is important:

In order to avoid overburdening your child, the best age is around four years, because at this time the fine motor skills are already developed enough for your child to be able to do this task. Remember that all children develop at different speeds. This means that there may be children who find shoe-tying easy at the age of three, while others learn it only shortly before their fifth birthday.

These instructions will help you to introduce your child to shoe-tying in a playful way. And remember: Practice makes perfect!


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