Good night, clichés!

"modern" books for children and young people

When Conni gets sick and her mum is not there, grandmother has to come and cook chicken soup, because Conni's dad needs support. Such or similar dusty pictures about men and women are not only found in books from the last century. Even in the year 2020, many children's books are less diverse than reality. A Study has shown that even in more recent literature, boys and men experience adventures and travel. Girls and women are more likely to shape their everyday lives, "take care" of others or do something with "horses". Many main characters are also white and live in a stereotypical family with mum and dad.

Good night, clichés!

Why modern children's books are important

Trans-Mama Jenny Willkens explained in an interview with the Parents Hotline that people tend to think the world is "simpler" ( Jenny Willkens interviewed). That is why we are confronted with clear assignments from an early age. But actually the world is much more "ambiguous" and therefore more exciting.

Those who like to read know that books are much more than just printed paper. They form a picture of our world and also of its possibilities. They can create barriers in the mind or even give courage! Depending on how "big and wide" or "narrow and small" the world being shown is.

The parents' hotline has put together a list of books that is guaranteed to be unprejudiced and encourages children to believe in themselves. Children's books with adventures for girls and boys, black astronauts, patchwork families, heroes with physical limitations and male mermaids!

You can order all books from the bookstore around the corner

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