From infant to toddler

Short years full of milestones

The first smile, the first word, the first fall: for parents, these experiences are burned into their memories. But in which phases exactly does the development of your child take place? We have summarised this for you in a clear and concise way.

From infant to toddler

From the birth of your baby to his 1st birthday

Eating, sleeping, crying: for a long time it was thought that in the first weeks and months of your baby's life there would be no more. But your baby's senses are already active. In addition to "basic care", your baby is also dependent on closeness and caressing. He wants to hear his parents' voice, smell their familiar scent and be carried around on his arm. A lot is already happening during these first months of development:

To sum up: Your baby will be more mobile and more alert. He wants to participate in life and test his new abilities.

From 1st birthday to kindergarten age

Now your baby - purely linguistically - becomes a toddler. It takes its first steps, explores more and more the space around it. And keeps the parents on tenterhooks. He wants to know everything and finds everything interesting. The focus shifts from touching to seeing. Otherwise, from the age of 1, the following happens:

To sum up: You're dealing with a real person. Your child is expressing his or her wishes more clearly now.

Conclusion: The first years are eventful: For parents and child! Because the child goes through not only a physical development, but also a mental, social and spiritual development. It needs not only food, care, Protection and closeness, but also learning incentives through playing together. Good ideas can be found on our meaningful Saturday on Instagram. Soon your child will not mind being without mum and dad for a few hours and going to kindergarten.


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