Sherlock Holmes must dress warmly - here comes your child!

Instructions: Easy to become a detective - indoors or outdoors

Where is the drawer where the sweets are slumbering and what are mum and dad whispering about? Probably your child wants to discover the world and its secrets and likes to play detective. When all the books in the series "the school of magical animals" have been read through or the whole family already knows the title song of Harry Potter by heart, your child's spirit of discovery is in demand!

Sherlock Holmes must dress warmly - here comes your child!

Why playing detective is better than sprawling on the coach

Look behind the curtain, crawl under the bed: While solving puzzles and discovering, your child moves, is more busy and can sleep better in the evening. In addition, the detective's life also offers the following advantages:

What do you need for the game?

From schoolchild to discoverer

  1. Preparation

  1. Now let your children search and find the appropriate section in your home - or even outside in your favourite spot in the park or forest

Or: You can also simply turn the whole thing around. You give your children a camera in your hand and let them take close-ups, and you can end up guessing what your children have photographed.

Conclusion: Developing media competence as easy as child's play while exploring the home or the forest! Your child will certainly enjoy exploring the world as an explorer and detective and will certainly leave his or her favourite place on the sofa for this.

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By the way: The idea for the detective game came from Afilii, the platform for meaningful and child-oriented activities


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