3 options, many tips and an unforgettable birthday

(despite pandemic)

"How wonderful that you were born, we would have missed you very much otherwise. How nice that we are together, we congratulate you, birthday boy!" (Rolf Zuckowski - "How wonderful that you were born"). A dear person from your family or your circle of friends has a birthday and you want to make this day unforgettable? Then you'll find some creative ideas for a birthday "at a distance" in this article.

3 options, many tips and an unforgettable birthday

The birthday child lives in another town/village

The birthday girl lives around the corner

The birthday boy lives with you in an apartment

Please note the contact regulations that continue to exist. These should be adhered to as a matter of urgency. Private meetings are only permitted within the circle of one's own household and a maximum of one other person who does not belong to one's own household.


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