No more complaining and not wearing pajamas!

Craft instructions for the clipboard: A helpful evening routine for children

Brushing your teeth, cleaning your room - but only after Knight Coconut has found the magic sword. Children are often up in the evening and do not want to go to bed. Rituals and routines help children to structure themselves in the evening:

No more complaining and not wearing pajamas!

What is the clipboard and what are its advantages?

The clipboard illustrates the evening structure on paper. It not only looks good, it can do much more:

What materials are needed to make the clipboard?

Everything you need for the clipboard, you probably already have at home:

From the idea to the terminal strip:

  1. Preparation

  1. Now it says: Now it's time to lend a hand

Conclusion: Thanks to the clipboard, children structure their evening independently and even enjoy doing their tasks. Do you like ticking off points on the to-do list? Your child will be happy to see his or her "successes" in black and white

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