With children into the digital adventure

7 Advice on dealing with new media

Article was written on 28.07.2020 by Philipp.

Since Corona, all arrangements have been put on hold for the time being. Because without the smartphone, children cannot talk to their friends, and without a tablet there is little to discover during the day. Learning for school was only possible with a laptop anyway.

What can parents do now?

With children into the digital adventure

Sure, the Internet is kind of endless. And sometimes children know their way around much better. But still it is important to know:

  • How much time in front of the screen is good for a child?
  • At what point do the eyes have to get used to something else again?
  • Is there any way to do anything sensible there?

Be partners for children on the Internet

Our parents' hotline library provides the answers to your most urgent questions. So you can take the situation into your own hands again and better understand how much digital world is good for children. Together you can make arrangements and find the right solution for dealing with media.

All our tips are free of charge and of course child-friendly.

Caregivers who know what's going on

How well do I know about media?

  • For the beginners among you. Show what you can learn with media.
  • With the simple quiz, you can test your knowledge of media - you can even do it together with the kids.
  • Afterwards you are ready to check and choose the many offers yourself.

How do I stay on the ball with digital children's themes?

  • For those who wonder what's new for kids on the net right now.
  • Always up-to-date articles on important questions: "How do I find a childproof mobile phone" or "How can children meet their friends digitally?
  • You always know what's going on and come up with creative ideas.

Are apps useful for small children?

  • For those who wonder whether even small children can get used to the tablet or smartphone.
  • Here you will find a good list of pro and contra arguments.
  • After that you will know what you should pay attention to when dealing with apps.

How do we find and create common rules for media use?

  • For those where apps are used by young and old in the household.
  • Build a "media use contract"!
  • After that you will have clarified your daily media routine and no longer have to discuss every half hour.

In addition, we constantly search the Internet for child-friendly content. Below are suggestions for learning materials, knowledge videos, or radio shows that will help kids explore. The computer helps them to do so and doesn't just distract them.

Going digital exploring

Getting to know the Internet better with children in a safe environment (within a secure framework). You wonder what there is to find there? Our links will give you the answers.

Where can I find learning material for school?

  • For those who want to help their children learn for school.
  • Large selection of media and learning programs
  • For primary and secondary schools
  • This way you can help your children in the digital school life.

How does the Internet actually work?

  • For those who want to know what AI actually means and how programming works.
  • Here you can find explanatory videos for children - but also for parents.
  • The children now know more about the Internet and will explain how to do it.

Do children also do "something with media"?

  • For those who want a break from adults.
  • Here at Radijojo children tell stories and explain the world to each other.
  • In the evening the children will explain the universe and why climate change exists.

We always look at all offers ourselves and choose exactly what we believe will awaken the discoverers in your children. Our library is constantly updated and it is constantly expanding. So feel free to drop by from time to time!

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