Study during the holidays? 5 tips for parents with school children

With good self-organisation to more relaxation for all

Holidays at last - the time of the year that all pupils are probably looking forward to the most. But having holidays can also mean that your children's exercise books are getting dusty. This is not good if learning gaps have to be made up due to corona-related school closures. We have collected some useful tips that will make it easier for you to keep track of your children's everyday life during the holidays and at the same time give them the relaxing space they need.

Study during the holidays? 5 tips for parents with school children

Step by step to a more relaxed holiday season

1. Design learning freely: Children who study during the holidays should be free to decide how they want to do it. This helps to keep motivation high and focus on problem areas. Here you can find a great video for learning strategies and a free webinar on free learning design for pupils.

2. Planning together: The children want to go to the outdoor pool alone, the family would like to spend time together. And when do they learn? So that nobody loses track, there are great tools for the whole family. The Stern has collected some digital aids, but a classic calendar also does the trick. With these, your children can firmly establish their learning times.

3. Seek assistance: If you notice that your child is overwhelmed with schoolwork, you can seek support. In order to specifically support pupils in the current crisis, some students offer tutoring at the Corona School on a voluntary basis, and thus free of charge!

4. Setting goals and agreements: "Trust is good, control is better" provides eye rolls for children. Constant control can lead to conflicts in the family. Try to set weekly instead of daily goals, not only for school tasks. Once you have reached an agreement, you can also offer rewards. How about a bike ride together, for example?

5. Reduce frustration: There's some school stuff that just won't stick. This leads to frustration. Here it is important how to deal with "defeats". You can find a true-to-life YouTube video here. The animations are designed for younger children, but the statements are valid for everyone. A video by the same makers will help you to overcome blockades (Overcoming blockades). Or take a look at what a teacher told us in an interview about a good learning environment.

Good self-organisation through trust and support

Finding common solutions instead of regulations: Once children are involved in setting goals, they have a vested interest in achieving those goals. As a little nudge, an excursion or an overnight stay at a friend's house might be a good idea. And if children are allowed to arrange their own work place and working hours, learning can even be really fun!

In the unlikely event that the air is too thick, it helps to take the pressure off the family. This can be done through the help of trained tutors or through open communication about current problems. Do not be afraid to talk about your own alleged weaknesses. Nobody can do everything.

Relax and master the holidays as a family

We hope our tips will bring more relaxation to the summer holidays with school children. You can find more ideas for Self-organisation but also ideas for leisure activities and School materials in our library (Leisure ideas). We have already found some concrete alternatives to boring textbooks for you (Alternatives to the boring textbook). Have a nice holiday!


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