Get out!

On Germany's nature trails through the autumn

The summer has finally said goodbye. And with it the long days at the lake full of splashing around, playing cards and relaxing. But even in autumn there are still many great things to discover outside!

Get out!

Whether it's dirty weather or bright sunshine: moving around outdoors is much more fun with the whole family (Filthy weather). It also promotes the ability to concentrate in everyday life and is a great help against thick air at home. And you have a direct alternative if your sports hall is only available to a limited extent due to corona measures. If you want to discover something new, nature trails are a wonderful option. You can find them in every federal state, here is a small overview:

  1. Baden-Württemberg

  1. Bavaria

  1. Berlin

  1. Brandenburg

  1. Bremen

  1. Hamburg

  1. Hesse

  1. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  1. Lower Saxony

  1. North Rhine-Westphalia

  1. Rhineland-Palatinate

  1. Saarland

  1. Saxony

  1. Saxony-Anhalt

  1. Schleswig-Holstein

  1. Thuringia

Maybe there's something close to you. And even if there isn't, we've gathered the best Tips for playing outside. A little tip: Collect handicraft material on your tours and start playing at home (Handicraft materials). This is most fun in autumn.


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