Kindergarten at home?

How you can meet the current challenges with your child

There is currently a lot of discussion whether children with a cold should stay at home. But how is this supposed to work for daycare children who regularly turn into walking snotty noses? Should parents stay at home from September to May? Unfortunately there is no uniform answer to these questions. Nevertheless, we would like to be at your side, even if the situation is confusing

Kindergarten at home?

Even fun and games are exhausting

Your child has mild cold symptoms. Depending on the federal state, he or she may not be allowed to go back to daycare until he or she has been symptom-free for 24 hours. In the next few days we will provide an overview of the regulations of the individual federal states here. 24 hours with a child who is fit as a fiddle are exhausting.

And if you can't think of anything new or you have to work, it's very boring.

But: Sometimes, despite all the tips, you are at the end of your rope. It happens to all parents. Your energy is not infinite and it is okay to communicate that. You have a lot of responsibility and you have many roles that you try to fill at the same time. Make the decisions for yourself and your child that you think are right.

The situation is new for everyone

Unfortunately, there are no uniform rules on when a child may be sent home and when not. Although there are guidelines of the individual federal states, the supporters and educators can decide according to their assessment. It is also an unfamiliar situation for them and they are responsible for the health of many children.

If you think that the regulations of your day care centre are wrong, you can try to talk to them.

Especially in uncertain situations it is good to stay in touch.

And what about work?

The child-sick days are used up, the holiday is gone and you still have to stay at home because your child is not fit? Make sure you talk to your employer (Child sick days). Explain your situation and make it clear that you want to fulfil your duties as an employee as far and as well as possible - but that you may not be available from the home office in full or at all times.

Maybe there is also the possibility to talk to the employer about the fact that you are not as flexible or cannot work as long as usual.

At home it helps if you set up a common room with your child. It is practical if you can keep an eye on your child from your workplace - while he or she is playing or resting.

So your child will always know where you are.

We have collected further tips and help on the subject of home office here on the website. Click on them and see if there is something suitable for you.


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