Not everything parents need to know!

Click here for the secret code for little detectives and whispering friends

Some secrets are not meant for the ears and eyes of strangers, because adults don't have to know everything.

Not everything parents need to know!

Why the cipher is good for children?

When Harry Potter is running in a continuous loop and ten dragon pictures are already decorating the walls, maybe it's time for a change in the children's room. The secret code also offers your child the following advantages:

What your kid needs for the cipher?

One thing is for sure: Everything that children need for the secret code is guaranteed to be available at your home. The material for the cipher is this:

This is how it works in concrete terms: From the idea to the secret code!

  1. Develop a cipher: We have prepared a pattern for your child to follow

A half moon stands for the letter A, an apple for the letter B: Of course, it becomes even more "mysterious" when your child develops a very special typeface. There are no limits to creativity.

  1. Use cipher: Once the children have agreed on a cipher, there is nothing to stop them writing letters and notes

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By the way: The template for the secret code is from Afilii, the platform for meaningful and child-friendly activities


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