Better not go to school today

How you share a home office with your child

Article was written on 14.09.2020 by Philipp.

Apart from thick hygiene plans, not much is really new at school. In everyday life, it is more likely that nothing will happen! But what happens if your child falls ill and you have to work? Suddenly you have to decide whether to call the family doctor or whether the child can go to school. We help you to deal with this.

Better not go to school today

The corona pandemic is a special situation. Hygiene plans are in place in primary schools, but protection is never perfect. Especially when your child is sick, it gets really complicated.

  • What do you do when your child is sick but still wants to go to his or her primary school?
  • Is one cold enough to call your family doctor?
  • How do you organize the work if your child is better left at home?

Here at the Parents' Hotline we will collect all the information from the federal states so that you will always be up to date under "Corona-was-darf-ich" ("Corona-what-a-I"). You can also look forward to our big overview with all the rules officially issued by the ministries of the federal states.

What do I do when my child is sick and wants to go to school?

If you are raising children of primary school age, then you have quite a responsibility. There are three tests that are very important for Corona suspicion:

  • Take a fever measurement
  • Check cough (is it a dry cough?)
  • Can your child still taste the food or drink properly?

If your child has all three symptoms, you should call your family doctor. He or she will tell you if a corona test is necessary. During this time, your child will stay at home.

But if your child actually only has a cold - and maybe still coughs a little - you can send him/her to school.

How do I do it with work today when my child is sick?

First of all, you have to realize

  • Your energy will run out eventually. This is normal and happens to everyone.
  • It is also not complaining when you become aware of it, but sometimes it is necessary.
  • Special situations are especially exhausting!

Conclusion: Explain to your employer that you have more organizational work today. For the time being, there is no more than home office. For example, you have to talk to the teachers at the school again so that your child can do his or her homework. You may have to see your family doctor. Sure, that's not ideal, but neither are the sample plans and hygiene measures.

How do I organize myself when my child is sick and we are in the home office?

It's perfectly OK if the child watches TV or plays on the computer a little longer on a day like this. If you have an important meeting in your home office at the moment, that's absolutely fine for the time being.

If you live in a partnership, then use the situation to discuss together. Maybe you take over the supervision whenever the other one is in a meeting?

Finally: Take the time to explain to your child what's on the agenda for today. At elementary school age, he or she will surely understand that you have to work and he or she will be able to do schoolwork or be occupied alone. In this way, your child knows that today is a special situation and that everything is a little different.

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