People do talk about money

School is expensive - that is no reason to be ashamed

Here a school trip, there a hiking day and the child has already outgrown its sports shoes. School is expensive. Besides satchels, pens and notebooks, there is also the money for lunch and flute. These are costs that are often not on the screen and yet they always come up again.

People do talk about money

You are entitled to support

There are financial aid that can be applied for. But the applications take a lot of time and are expensive. If it is announced that an excursion is due in two weeks, there is seldom enough time to find all the relevant authorities, get the necessary stamps and then get some money. All this in addition to the already stressful everyday life. And who wants to come to the parents' evening and say that the day's hike to the fun pool is too expensive and that you could perhaps think of a cheaper alternative? But: All parents and children have the same right to participate and express their opinions at school! Your contribution is valuable and must be heard (overpriced). It is important to know what you are entitled to. To save you the long search, we have summarized the most important offers. (main offers).

Strong parents, strong children

In addition to the shame that parents feel, pressure also weighs on the children. Everyone in the class has a smartphone, last year's shoes are totally "out" and hardly anyone was "only" at grandma's during the holidays. That eats away at their self-confidence. Children who can't keep up are often withdrawn. It hurts you. The feeling of not being able to offer your own child enough can still gnaw at you Years later. You have to realize that you're not alone in this. There are a lot of parents who feel that way. Share your experiences, maybe you'll make new ideas and friendships. You can also find people in similar situations online. On Twitter, for example, users help each other under #einesorgeweniger and #wish2hand. Neighbourhood networks and social media groups also have great ideas. This way you can strengthen each other and your children.

Together you can move more

Often teachers, parents' evenings or the school authorities forget that not every issue is taken for granted by everyone. And although we don't like to talk about money, especially when we don't have it, it is important that the topic is always considered. Be it that you as parents of a class agree on maximum amounts for school trips or that the school distributes application forms for financial support to everyone. Maybe your school even has its own pot or a support association to help you. When parents join forces, a lot can be done. Talk about money until it is natural to talk about it. Whether it concerns you personally or not. This is an important step to make everyone at the school feel comfortable, parents and children alike.


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