Ready for the next school year!

We have the free summer schools of the federal states for you

Article was written on 31.07.2020 by Philipp.

Many federal states have reacted to the cancellation of lessons. In school-related summer camps, students can keep up with the school curriculum and understand some things from the last school year even better. They are allowed to work again in schools or other communal areas with the learning material of the last school year and are thus better prepared for the next one.

Ready for the next school year!

We have been looking for summer schools all over Germany. Nearly all countries offer corresponding offers, but not always through attendance classes. In Saxony-Anhalt and Bremen there are digital offers which you can work on with the children from home and no matter in which federal state.

The available offers were collected by us. In our list you will find links to all important information. We will introduce you to how it works in your state and for which class levels the program applies.

We hope you find something close to you.

All offers are funded by the ministries of culture and are therefore free of charge.

The links will take you to the school programmes of the individual federal states. Find out what is available in your area.


The "Summer School 2020" takes place from 07.-11.09

  • Baden-Württemberg has set up summer schools in all administrative districts, a total of 49 locations are participating
  • The summer school is offered for pupils of primary and secondary schools
  • The offer is aimed primarily at children in grades 1-8
  • On the website you can find the schools in your region and you can contact them directly

Lower Saxony

The "LernRäume" take place during the holiday period from 16.07.-26.08

  • In terms of content, the focus will be on nature experiences and pedagogically accompanied environmental experiences
  • In addition, the students work on teamwork and social interaction
  • The offer is aimed at children in grades 1-8, but can also be extended to the 10th grade
  • You simply click on your region on the map and select the program (clicks in the map).


"School-related summer camps" will take place from 06.07.-14.08

  • The contents of the curriculum from the previous school year are intensively repeated
  • All pupils of public schools can participate
  • As parents, you can find out directly from the local schools whether they participate in the offer (inform directly with the local schools).

The "Ferienakademie 2020" will take place from 03.-13.08

  • A special learning offer in the last two weeks of the holidays for the core subjects: German, English and mathematics
  • The offer is aimed primarily at children in grades 1-8
  • Questions about the offer should be addressed directly: (to the offer).

"Primary education online" - digital learning platform

  • A nationwide offer for children in primary school classes
  • You and your children can work together on the tasks on the Internet


The "Summer School RLP" takes place from 03.-14.08

  • The RLP Summer School takes place in a centrally located school or other public building
  • If possible, there is at least one offer per municipality or city
  • The offer is aimed primarily at children in grades 1-8
  • The course leaders are volunteers with a close connection to school learning
  • You register your children directly with the municipality

North Rhine-Westphalia

The "Holiday offers for pupils during the summer holidays" will take place from 29.06.-11.08

  • There is at least one group per school and it consists of 15 to 20 students
  • The rooms of the schools are available for this purpose
  • The offers are supervised by qualified personnel
  • The best thing to do is to contact your local authorities directly


A "digital task collection" was created to independently compensate for learning deficits during the holidays

  • Saxony-Anhalt offers a wide range of tasks from the teaching practice
  • The offer is valid for all class levels
  • The teachers give the children recommendations as to which tasks are suitable for them and when they can be reached for further questions
  • You can work independently with the children on the tasks
  • To retrieve the tasks, simply click on the PDF or Word file on the website

In some federal states the summer schools are already starting in the last week. We cannot guarantee that there are still places available.


The "summer school" is planned for four weeks of holidays

  • The summer school is offered for pupils in grades 1-2 and 7-9
  • Pupils are suggested by the teachers, but as parents you can also contact the class leaders directly
  • The Land Berlin answers all important questions about the summer school on the web


The "Learning Summer 2020" will take place from 29.06.-08.08

  • The Lernsommer promotes competences in the core subjects German, English, Mathematics
  • In addition, cross-curricular competencies are trained in joint learning at school and other learning locations
  • This is a voluntary commitment of the teachers
  • The offer is aimed at children in grades 1-10
  • If you have any questions, please contact the responsible teachers directly


The "learning holidays" take place from 16.07.-07.08

  • Bremen offers learning opportunities in 20 primary schools, which are assigned to the "social level 4 and 5
  • The focus is on language training and the learning material is adapted to this
  • It is about reading technique, text comprehension, storytelling or, in higher grades, also preparation for secondary school
  • You address your questions directly to the primary school

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