Learning, always and everywhere

Why you can't study at all

Learn a lot in a short time. These and similar statements, learning tips and learning methods are the first things you are offered when you type the word "learning" into a search engine. So the results are all about how to get as much as possible and as fast as possible into your head. It's about hard facts, general knowledge or vocabulary. But isn't learning actually much more than that?

Learning, always and everywhere

Let us set out together and discover the world

Yes! Learning is much more than just storing facts. Because learning is also a journey. All of us, big and small, set out on this journey every day. As soon as we get out of bed in the morning, we record what is happening around us. We hear our children laughing or crying. We feel the first hug of the day. We watch our children go to school. There, too, we learn. Our lives are filled with these situations. They influence us consciously or unconsciously. Therefore it is clear: All we experience is learning. But how do we succeed in this journey? What exactly does our rucksack need to hold so that we can experience this journey as happy?

I'm gonna pack my suitcase and take it with me...

First things first. When it comes to being happy, it is probably acceptance and recognition of self. We all achieve much more than we think. Whether in family life, in our jobs or in friendships for other people. And for that we can pat ourselves on the back every morning when we get up. Be proud of all the small successes you master in everyday life. This can be a prepared school lunch for the children, an e-mail sent, the bed made or even the 5 minutes of time off you took.

A backpack full of experience

Through every small step and every little experience we can take something with us for our journey. Everything is learning. Or in other words: You can't not learn. You forgot a birthday because you are so stressed? Never mind! You didn't have time to cook and put a pizza in the oven instead? No problem. You don't have to be ashamed of your messy apartment either, because everyday life is already demanding enough on parents. The important thing is not to put yourself under additional pressure. Because life is colourful, crazy and rarely predictable. And each of us has different prerequisites to face this life. We should celebrate diversity and not compare ourselves with others. Grow with your challenges and learn step by step from what might not have worked out so well yesterday. This could be a new weekly calendar for an organized daily routine or a new arrangement in the family to divide the work in the household. All this is learning!

Learning is much more than a piece of paper can describe

So we should free ourselves from thinking of learning only as something that takes place in school. It is not the grades, job references or certificates that help us on our journey. It is the experiences we make every day. The small and big moments that life has in store for us. Some of them feel good, others can be almost overwhelming. But we grow from all this and in this way we find out who we are and what strengths are in each of us.

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