Deepening school material is child's play

So gaps in knowledge in summer will soon become a thing of the past

During the summer holidays, there is no curriculum, no homework and often no tutoring. Does this cause you more worry than pleasure? Because for some children it was already difficult to keep up with their classmates before Corona. Due to the Corona time, the already existing gaps in knowledge have become even bigger for many of them. But with the suggestions in our parents' hotline library, knowledge gaps will soon be a thing of the past!

Deepening school material is child's play

Because children can use our compiled online offers free of charge to expand their knowledge in German, math, English or geography, for example. You can choose the class level of many online offers to find exactly the right level for your child. A further advantage is that learning, for example via app, is playful, with points being awarded and levels being reached. When the results are saved, your child's learning progress can be tracked continuously.

With the help of the parents' hotline library, children come out of the summer holidays smarter

Using the categories in our online library, you can choose exactly where there are currently gaps for your children. We have looked at everything and divided all the learning opportunities into age groups for you. This way you'll always see exactly what you need and what interests you and your kids.

Of course we also have a few special favourites that we would like to share with you and especially recommend to you. We have divided into primary school, all grades, apps and special offers such as swimming courses, support for dyslexics and summer camps.

Refresh knowledge from primary school:

Refresh knowledge for all vintages:

Refresh knowledge via App:

Summer camps, swimming courses and special offers in different federal states:

The DRK-Wasserwacht offers more than 40 swimming courses organized by volunteer swimming instructors.

For pupils of classes 1 and 2 and 7, 8 and 9 and all pupils of welcome classes (deadline 12 June, possibly

still remaining seats)

(Registration deadline already expired, possibly remaining places)


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