Up-to-date information on developments in the various training areas

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What is the current situation on the training market and what alternatives are there?

Up-to-date information on developments in the various training areas

According to a recent study by the FiBS Research Institute for Education and Social Economics, the situation in the area of dual training is difficult. Already last year, 11% fewer training contracts were signed than in the previous year - a total of 467,500. This is the lowest level for a long time. A further decline of up to about 10% is expected for the current year. The FiBS assumes that 430,000 new contracts will be signed. That would be almost 100,000 fewer than two years ago.

It is also noticeable that high school graduates are taking on an ever larger share of the training contracts and that the chances for young people without a high school diploma are tending to become somewhat less favourable. However, this does not mean that young people with intermediate or secondary school leaving certificates have no chance at all of finding a training place - below we give a few tips on how your son or daughter can improve his or her chances of finding a training place.

In the area of school-based vocational training, which exists, for example, in nursing or in the early childhood sector, the figures for new contracts also declined slightly - contrary to expectations. Here, an earlier FiBS forecast had expected a further slight increase.

The situation at Universities is comparatively unproblematic. Here, the number of new enrolments is constantly high, even if last year there were also somewhat fewer than in previous years. However, this is mainly due to the fact that fewer first-year students from abroad have taken up their studies.

In summary, the situation is currently quite good for some and not quite so good for others. Those who cannot find an apprenticeship place can still try to obtain the next higher educational qualification and thereby improve their training chances.

On this page, which we will complete in the next few days/weeks, we will give you various tips on how your child can hopefully successfully find and obtain an apprenticeship place, whether in the dual or school-based sector.


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