Competences and school grades

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School and academic performance can be a yardstick: if you are good at languages or maths, you certainly have a talent for it - conversely, poorer grades at school don't necessarily mean that someone can't do something. We will come back to this in more detail in a moment.

Competences and school grades

Teaching in schools is mostly done by teachers who have chosen a subject because they have a special interest in it. Rarely, however, do they learn in teacher training or in-service training how to really convey the material well to young people with different abilities and interests. They also rarely learn how to recognize potential and support its development. In a class of 25 or 30 pupils, there is hardly any room for this.

With a view to training and studies or later in the profession, however, competences and skills are quite central: A salesperson who does not have a friendly disposition is probably not "made" for this profession. Someone who is supposed to sell flowers, clothes or cosmetics, but has no interest in the object he/she is supposed to sell, will not develop a passion for it. Someone who has the famous "two left hands" is probably not the right person for a craft apprenticeship.

Similarly, if you can't cope with abstract thinking, you won't be happy at a university that mainly teaches theory. Perhaps the more pragmatic university of applied sciences or university of applied sciences is the more suitable university.

It is often evaluated by others, often rather negatively or even disparagingly. Do not be irritated by this and help your child to be as free as possible from it. Also, the son or daughter should not let himself or herself be pushed in a certain direction by friends.

In short, it is important that your child finds out what he or she is particularly good at or particularly likes to do. To identify this, it can be enough to listen to your child or observe what they are passionate about. There are also a number of skills tests you can try - you can find all the information and links in this list of links (this link list). The next step is to apply, you can find information about this here.


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