You won't find this in any classroom!

7 suggestions to go on a discovery trip during the summer holidays

Summer holidays at last! For now, no more homeschooling and no more homework. Now is the time to explore what you won't find in any classroom.

You won't find this in any classroom!

Today we present you again 7 favourites from our parents hotline library. With these activities children learn exactly what the school cannot offer during the holidays.

Explore the world with the Parents Hotline Library

Our proposals are entirely in the spirit of lifelong learning. Because within an unfamiliar environment, in dealing with animals or perhaps younger or older peers, the children learn to take responsibility.

Many of our offers provide the safe framework that children need in order to take leadership in certain situations or to make their own decisions.

There is a similar amount to explore in the long corridors and meanders of our imagination. To really delve into a book. But which children's book is actually the right one? Finding one is not so easy! For all those who want to go on a digital discovery tour, we have selected research trips on the Internet. Here you can find videos about the universe or lectures by renowned scientists for young people who want to know what's going on.

7 learning tips for the summer holidays

All our tips are free and outside. Maybe you can find similar offers in your area?

East building playground in Leipzig

Youth farm Freiberg/Rot, near Stuttgart

Children's farm "Pinke Panke" in Berlin

Private museum for natural history in Berlin (Private Museum of Natural History).

It's raining outside. Home is still home office. We've put some great discovery offers online for you to use by children inside.

Our tip: "What makes a good children's book?"

Online offer: "Summer School Climate Knowledge" by the Natural History Museum Berlin

Learning videos: "Terra X Lesch & Co"

We always look at all offers ourselves and choose exactly what we believe will awaken the discoverers in your children. Our library is constantly updated and it is constantly expanding. So feel free to drop by from time to time!


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