Mama and system relevant - 2 roles, 2 big tasks

"Tell me about it." - Parents report from their everyday life

The Corona virus has turned our world upside down. Our everyday life has changed and we are facing completely new challenges. For some people, everyday life is slowly returning or something new has become a habit. However, parents in particular have experienced a lot through the corona virus and still have to face numerous difficulties in their everyday life. We would like to talk to parents about their experiences. We want to listen and report. Because only if parents have a voice can we all learn from them and in this way be there for the youngest among us.

Mama and system relevant - 2 roles, 2 big tasks

A systemically relevant profession and motherhood - how does that work?

The parents' hotline focuses on all parents. No matter how they arrange their life and their everyday life with child or children. Because we can all Learn from each other and it is very enriching to look beyond one's own nose and get to know other perspectives. After Lea had told us about her last time, Svenja now gives us an insight into her life as a mother. What is so special? Svenja works in one of the professions that have been called "system relevant" since the Corona pandemic. These are jobs that are essential for our entire society because they maintain our social system. This includes, for example, professions that deal with the care, counselling and support of people: doctors, nurses and kindergarten teachers. Svenja also works in a kindergarten and is in a Leading position here. While other families had to withdraw completely due to quarantine and lockdown, Svenja needed additional organisational talent, creativity and stamina. After all, how does a kindergarten director deal with this exceptional situation?

"First of all, there were big changes and fears that turned the usual upside down, caused resistance and thus caused complete chaos." So Svenja is not only a caring mother in these times, but also runs the kindergarten. This makes it difficult: "The desire for complete withdrawal and the nevertheless-need-to-be-out job was difficult to coordinate. It was clear: You can't lock yourself in." Svenja had to completely restructure her everyday life, not only to meet her own demands, but also to master the many challenges as kindergarten director. "Suddenly there were three of us at home (2 adults and 1 child) and nobody knew how to do it: home office, child care, outside appointments, loss of structure and somehow never having to leave work. This was all coupled with fear of the unknown virus and its consequences."

Talking helps - Talk to people about what is troubling you

Svenja tells openly how she has fared recently. Because in the general discussion about opening day-care centres and schools, it is often forgotten that parents who work in these professions also have to struggle with the same challenges. "The time is so hard for everyone. One had time and yet no time. The tension exhausts emotionally and physically." But what helps in such situations? As an educator and mother of a son, the following points were especially important for her to find her way back to a normal everyday life: "Caution, protection for herself and others, being well-read and filtering information have become a big part of life with Corona. (...) All this is a lot and can only be achieved with good discipline." But talking helps. Because we all get angry, sad and overwhelmed at times. Of course this doesn't feel good, but it can make it easier if you put these feelings into words. "With a lot of practiced communication it works out well and everybody has a place for their needs most of the time", Svenja says about her family and work everyday life. Talking to each other has another advantage: You give your fellow human beings the opportunity to be there for you and offer direct help.

The outlook for the future: between optimism and concern

Talking helps. However, there is still uncertainty about how the corona virus will develop. Because now that day-care centres and schools are reopening and normality is slowly returning, new risks are also emerging. Svenja is critical of these decisions and resolutions: "Health is the highest good of mankind. I am worried about my family and I hope that society's compulsion for normality (school, work, ...) will not go too fast and that we will find ways to protect ourselves from being infected by the pandemic

It remains to be seen whether the opening of the education and care facility was a good decision. However, society and politics should not forget that behind these institutions there are people who do great work for all of us. In conclusion, Svenja says: "I am confident that everything will work out well and I have the strength - sometimes more, sometimes less - to do everything for it


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