Shopping to the point of contemplation

How you can invest your time and money better than on Black Friday

Every year - comes Black Friday. Online as well as offline, people advertise with huge savings and with success. This day has a very high turnover, especially with large online retailers. Isn't it a bit insane? We have collected for you what you can do this year, so that you and others can have more fun.

Shopping to the point of contemplation

The Black Friday price is not necessarily the lowest

First of all: You don't save that much on Black Friday. The excellent discounts refer to the manufacturer's recommended retail price (RRP). This price is often not charged at all. It is also not unusual to make products more expensive before Black Friday in order to make the price drop look dramatic. So if you have been thinking about making a larger purchase for a while, it is worthwhile to observe the development of the price over a longer period of time. Don't rely on Black Friday, you can save especially well after Christmas, for example.

Not only new things can bring joy

Why don't you use the time before Christmas to see what you already have? Why not look through old toys and cuddly toys together with your child? This way you can get an overview of what you have and your child might discover long-forgotten toys that will inspire enthusiasm again. If you do need something, you can use platforms like ebay classifieds to find well-used toys or clothes. If you're on Twitter, you can also have a look at #wish2hand or #einesorgeweniger, you can use the hashtags to search for something specific yourself or help other searchers. This is not only cheaper, but also more sustainable. We all know how quickly toys become uninteresting for children. So it only makes sense that others also get something out of them.

So you can also bring joy outside the family

Many of us would like to bring joy to other people in the run-up to Christmas. You can check with schools in your neighborhood, the church around the corner, or directly with social institutions. Many collect small gifts especially for Christmas and can tell you exactly what is needed. A big advantage: your child will enjoy putting together a small package and making it beautiful, as well as writing a little greeting. If you hand in your gifts directly to the institution, you can be sure that they will arrive. A small parcel with cookies on the doormat at the neighbours' always goes down well too.

For very specific Christmas wishes, many department stores and other public buildings have so-called Wish trees on which the wish lists of needy children are hung. Here you can fulfill wishes by buying what is written on it and handing it in together with the wish list. Just search online for Wish trees near you. A somewhat unusual idea in the list, but very important, is to donate blood. If you are able to do so, you can help people in a very concrete way. Whether it's blood, plasma or stem cells, everything is needed.

Enjoy the time before Christmas. Of course it's nice to get presents for your loved ones, but when it gets stressful, you can take a break. After all, your family and friends don't love you for giving them the best and most expensive presents. Time, a sympathetic ear and maybe one or two cookies are also valuable.


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