Autumn picture frame made of natural materials

An idea how you can reuse collected natural materials

Autumn has a lot of treasures to offer for children. Often children are passionate about collecting natural materials such as acorns, chestnuts and colourful leaves and can thus discover the world. An idea of how you could use the collected materials can be found here.

Autumn picture frame made of natural materials

You need this:

There you go:

You can now stick all your collected materials into a shoe box. There are no rules and therefore no right or wrong. You can stick the materials on the left, right, top, bottom or outside. Let your imagination run wild and if you stick the flowers on your head, it will have your own personal touch.

Good to know:


We wish you and your child lots of fun!

Please remember that you are collecting materials that are already on the ground. It would be a pity and not good for nature if you tear leaves from the branches or flowers from the earth

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