7 inspirations to "explore and discover" during the holidays

This is how you and your children replenish your strength in summer

During the summer holidays there is no timetable, no subjects, no school bell, no chairs and tables. Every day is now a new adventure. Lots of time of your own to hang out with friends, go on excursions and get to know new things.

7 inspirations to "explore and discover" during the holidays

Children should also be able to explore and discover in the Corona year during the long holidays. To a large extent independently, they strengthen their personality through play. In our parents' hotline library we have put together offers that are perfect food for long stories after the holidays.

With the help of the parents' hotline library you will come out of the summer holidays stronger

With the help of the categories, you can choose exactly what your children are most interested in. In addition, you can use our filtering feature to customize the library to your children's ages. We've looked at everything and divided it into age groups for you. So you can always see exactly what you like.

Of course, we also have our favourites and sometimes even a nudge in the right direction is enough. That's why there are 7 inspirations from different regions to take along on the way. Summer holiday offers that take place despite Corona, but with hygiene rules. Also included are activities for the whole family, where all members can contribute equally.

Maybe you can find similar offers in your area?

7 inspirations for a varied summer holiday

Inspiration 1: "SpieloFEZien" in Berlin (Games).

Inspiration 2: "Summer holidays at the Brandenburg State Archaeological Museum

Inspiration 3: "The Dinosaur Park" in Lower Saxony

Inspiration 4: "Science Summer" of the German Museum in Bavaria (Science buzzer).

Inspiration 5: "Geo-Caching for families" in Baden-Württemberg

It's raining outside. Home is still home office. We've put some great discovery offers online for you to use by children inside.

Inspiration 6: "Ask Finn" - websites to discover and educational videos for home

Inspiration 7: "Little Scientists" - The world is your laboratory (Little explorers).

We always look at all offers ourselves and choose exactly what we believe will awaken the discoverers in your children. Our library is constantly updated and it is constantly expanding. So feel free to drop by from time to time!


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