And Yearly Greets the Groundhog: Easter in Part-Lockdown - Part 2

What regulations are in effect right now?

As described in part one, the rules are changing almost daily right now and it's hard to keep up and know exactly what the local or state rules are right now. Here is a brief overview.

And Yearly Greets the Groundhog: Easter in Part-Lockdown - Part 2

What regulations are in effect right now?

Basically, the partial lockdown has been tightened up a bit again in almost all states and extended until April 18, in some states until April 24. We recommend to have a look at Corona-was-darf-ich, there are the current regulations for all 16 federal states, which we also try to keep up to date..

A brief summary overview:

Basically, all 16 states have different regulations, and often different regulations apply again in the county or incorporated city, depending on the incidence levels.

In the city states in particular, there is currently a ban on going out at night, between 9 or 10pm and 5am.

In most cases, there is still a contact limit of 5 persons from a maximum of two households, but in some countries there is a limit of one other person. In most cases, children up to a certain age (usually 14 years) are not counted - but there are isolated differences here.

Over Easter, there are special regulations in various federal states; attendance at the Easter fair is usually permitted, provided there is a hygiene concept.

What happens after the Easter holidays in the day-care centres and schools?

According to the current state of affairs, the previous regulations will remain in place in almost all countries after the Easter holidays, but they are quite different. Here, too, we recommend taking a look at the country-specific regulations on our Corona-was-darf-ich page. (Corona-what-do-you-call-it).

Only in Berlin there is a more fundamental change: Here the Kitas go starting from the coming Thursday (8 April) again into the emergency enterprise, i.e. only children of single parents, parents in supply-relevant occupations or if it is educationally necessary, may visit the Kita.

We will keep you posted in the coming week if there are any changes.


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