Single parent - single responsibility?

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When parents separate, sometimes one parent is left alone with the child. It is then important to know that there is a lot of support. In our glossary in 14 languages, we have compiled the terms you need to know if you become a single parent responsible for a child.

Single parent - single responsibility?

The first contact person for questions about maintenance is the youth welfare office

Your first point of contact is Social Services. Here you can apply for assistance, then the Youth Welfare Office will become active and support you in asserting claims for maintenance with the non-paying parent. If the attempt is unsuccessful, there is the possibility of applying for an advance on maintenance. This is paid by the state.

Also of interest is the "Strong Families Act", which has been affecting middle-income families and the child allowance for single parents since 2020. Here, it may be worthwhile to submit older applications again if you were unsuccessful at that time.

If you do not have enough money for a lawyer, you can always apply for a consulting assistance certificate at the local court. The personal contribution here is only 15 euros.

How do I pay for the day care centre and my apartment?

But who, for example, covers the costs of the day care centre if your own income is not sufficient? It is important to know that single parents have a legal right to care for children under the age of three. A Kita voucher may also be possible for you.

If you are receiving unemployment benefit, there is also single-parent supplement for you and your child and entitlement to initial supplies for the baby. There are also other family benefits, such as child benefit, parental benefit, housing benefit and entitlement to the education and participation package.

Should everything become too much and living alone be too strenuous, it may be necessary to switch to temporary assisted living for a while. Here you no longer have to do everything alone, but are supported by educators and social workers in everyday life.

How many days a year can I stay at home if my child falls ill?

If the child falls ill and you are in an employment relationship, you have 20 working days per year which you can take if the child is ill. For each additional child, 20 days are added. And you can also apply for a mother-child cure or father-child cure if you need a few weeks off.

But it is important, always remember that there are many other mothers and fathers who are in the same situation. Therefore it can help to get together and share experiences. For example, there is the Association of Single Mothers and Fathers. Surely there is also a group close to you!

Our Glossary will be continuously expanded for you with new terms.


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