No children's summer without holidays!

Here you can find free leisure activities from different federal states

Article was written on 07.08.2020 by Philipp.

Traveling is not so easy this summer. Many of you have already used up your vacation time in the lockdown. Some federal states therefore specifically promote varied holiday offers for children. There are also free leisure programmes, excursions or workshops throughout Germany, for which you can register directly online.

No children's summer without holidays!

We have carefully checked the holiday offers of the federal states and have put together a large selection for you. We also offer regional offers from associations or foundations. So the children can use the summer as usual to discover new things and explore the world.

We hope our offer offers you something close by.

Exclusively free offers from free institutions or state-financed events have made it into our list.

The links will take you to the holiday programmes in the individual federal states.


The Academy for Innovative Education (AIM) in Heilbronn offers intensive courses from 31.08.-11.09

  • The courses offered by AIM make students fit for the coming school year (Course offer of the AIM).
  • The intensive courses concentrate on the core subjects: German, English and mathematics
  • Pupils with grade 4 or lower in the last school year can participate
  • Thanks to the support of the Dieter-Schwarz-Foundation all courses are free

Holiday intensive courses on site in Heilbronn

  • The students are supervised in the AIM building in Heilbronn
  • The offer is valid for different age groups and schools
  • On the website, click on the course that appeals to you and register directly online (contact us directly online).

Online courses in the virtual classroom

  • The courses take place in the virtual classroom "YuLinc
  • To participate you need a stable internet connection, a webcam and a microphone
  • You click on your course on the website and register directly online (contact us directly online).

The youth farm Freiberg/Rot is open during the whole summer holidays

  • Romping, racing, riding, working or cooking is allowed. In free play and when caring for animals, children take responsibility. The pedagogical staff helps with all problems and offers help.
  • Open weekly Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30-18 hrs
  • Due to the rules of hygiene, the offers take place in fixed groups of maximum 15 persons


The "Holiday Portal of the Ministry of Culture" is online since 27.07

  • The offers apply in particular to children whose legal guardians have already used up their annual holiday
  • Information is available in easy language (Information in easy language).
  • Click on the website for the place of your choice. This way, participation is very fast.


The Bauspielplatz Ost in Leipzig is open during the whole holidays

  • Children between 6 and 13 years of age may hold a hammer and saw. All under professional pedagogical supervision.
  • Open in the holidays from 17.-28.08 (Open during the holidays). always in the afternoon
  • As far as the hygiene rules are concerned, you will receive detailed information when entering the construction playground.


The "Youth Centre Holiday Programme" has been running since 27.07.

  • A wide range of programmes is offered for each week of the holiday
  • Workshops, excursions or play afternoons can be simply clicked as desired (just click as desired).
  • Offers are almost always free or cost if only small amounts

Lower Saxony

The "LernRäume" take place during the holiday period from 16.07.-26.08

  • In terms of content, the focus will be on nature experiences and pedagogically accompanied environmental experiences
  • In addition, the students work on teamwork and social interaction
  • The offer is aimed at children in grades 1-8, but can also be extended to the 10th grade
  • You simply click on your region on the map and select the program (clicks in the map).


Bürgerpark Bremen" is always open

  • Bürgerpark is Bremen's largest continuous park
  • Simply use the system for your next day trip
  • The park is financed by donations and is freely accessible - the learning material is adapted to this

We always look at all offers ourselves and choose exactly what we believe will awaken the discoverers in your children. Our library is constantly updated and it is constantly expanding. So feel free to drop by from time to time!

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