Feelings of a single mom

"Tell me about it." - Parents report from their everyday life

The Corona virus has turned our world upside down. Our everyday life has changed and we are facing completely new challenges. For some people, everyday life is slowly returning or something new has become a habit. However, parents in particular have experienced a lot through the corona virus and still have to face numerous difficulties in their everyday life. We would like to talk to parents about their experiences. We want to listen and report. Because only if parents have a voice can we all learn from them and in this way be there for the youngest among us.

Feelings of a single mom

We must look at parents and children

Lea, single mother of a three-year-old daughter, did not hesitate for long to share her recent experiences with the parents' hotline. "I have the feeling that children are not very well perceived socially and that the parents' situation is also ridiculed." With this Lea addresses what many parents have experienced in their own lives due to the corona virus: Regulations that are difficult to reconcile with the daily life of the family. Political decisions that help neither the parents nor the children. Lack of care and closed schools. The fact that this situation changes the whole life becomes clear with Lea. "My plan was simply destroyed by the closure of the childcare facilities. I couldn't give up my child, couldn't go to university and couldn't work anymore

The changes are great. The whole of life must be adapted to the new conditions

Not only the closed kindergartens and completely new everyday structures are difficult for the families. It is also feelings of helplessness and overburdening that weigh heavily on parents at present. "In the past, I always had an inner compass that showed me the right path when making decisions and gave me direction in difficult situations. This feeling is gone. I can no longer find it." Lea is a single mother. Due to the lack of day-care she is, like many other parents, completely on her own. She was therefore no longer able to work in the retail trade, although the shop has been open again for several weeks. She accumulated minus hours and took her annual vacation. Although she was spared dismissal, there were other problems she had to deal with: "There are more and more disruptive factors, such as the demands of my health insurance company, which no longer wants to insure me as a student because I am over 30

Corona shows what is missing in our society

The corona virus has changed a lot of things. It has become apparent that parents and their children need a different form of support. Because many rules and decisions have not been helpful for the families so far. Lea also sees it this way: "Why don't we think more sustainably at this time? We owe it to our children. They only have this one future that we are destroying for them now." It's time to take responsibility. That only works if we take into account the lives of parents and children. "We have to wake up and also the government has to be aware of what it wants to leave behind for the coming society", Lea says when asked what thoughts about the future she is dealing with. Nevertheless, she also takes positive impressions from this period with her. She has become stronger and has realized that pure happiness can also be found in small moments. "My daughter said to me last week: I'm proud of you, Mom! It was the most beautiful declaration of love in the world."


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