All Corona rules at a glance - what am I allowed to do in my state?

Can my child go to daycare? Is the playground open again? Can I even go to the doctor? And when can I visit the grandparents in the nursing home?

The e-mail box is overflowing, the bathroom needs cleaning and the food is on the stove. At the same time Anna wants to paint and Karim runs his nose. We're supposed to go to the doctor, you think, but can I? Because Anna's not allowed to go to daycare anymore, she's cranky and paints the walls. When the day care opens again, is your next thought, while you remember that your mother has already called three times today. She wants to know when you are coming to visit her in the nursing home. You're getting in way over your head.

All Corona rules at a glance - what am I allowed to do in my state?

How do I quickly get the Corona Rules from my state?

Corona-what-you-can-I? quickly provides you with the up-to-date information you need (Corona-what-may-I). You don't have to search the Internet for a long time, but you can see at a glance whether museums in your federal state are open and when the day care centre will be offering care for pre-school children again.

Whether in Hamburg the hotels are open again or in Bavaria the beer gardens, whether the pupils of the final year classes in Berlin can go back to school or major events in Bremen are possible again. We have summarized the currently important corona rules for all 16 federal states.

We inform you about the most important categories from everyday life

In addition to daycare and school openings, the possibility to go to the doctor or to a nursing home, we keep you informed about ten other categories. What do I have to consider in public transport? Are places of worship open again? Can I go back to university? What about adult education? Can I train in a club again? And what do I have to consider in contact with people? All these questions will be answered for you with just one click at Corona-what-may-I?

Corona rules available in fourteen different languages

In addition to the latest information about the Corona rules from all the federal states, we also cover fourteen different languages for you. But can my uncle also get information in Persian? But my mother only knows Spanish and I prefer to read in Arabic? No problem. Besides German, English, Spanish and French, you can also get information in Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Russian, Persian, Polish and Romanian.


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